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Heads Up For Furballs How Having A Pet Completely Transforms Our Lives
  • 2019-06-24

“Having a pet is the best thing that ever happened to me” How many times have you heard this statement? Countless we are sure and if you are a pet owner you exactly know what sentiment this statement holds.


So what is the rocket science behind this? How come these four-legged fluff balls have so much power to leave us smitten for a lifetime? They rip through our favorite dresses, even pee on our super expensive rugs & throw epic tantrums. But guess what? They still will be the apple of our eye.


There are so many micro moments that define this unique bond. That first smile? The moment you lay eyes on the little guy for the first time, you smile. As your pet grows up, you go on a parenting journey with the little guy; from the first walk, to the first teething and to the first time they catch their frisbee, this is a journey captured in a million memories & Instagrams.  


And the most important of all, they are your companions for a lifetime & the cure to loneliness. Be it a rainy day, you will find your pet lazing by your side, as you step outside they will be straddling next to you, as you jog in the park they will be running beside you and going crazy rolling over grass, as you eat your favorite meal will give you the cutest stare and as you come back home tired, sad or exhausted, shower you with love and become your cuddle buddies.


How is it possible that life can ever be dull when you have such cuties in life? If you aren’t a pet parent already, it’s time to change the status.