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Is It Safe For Women To Live In Gurgaon
  • 2019-04-09

3 minute read


Concerns over security hassles (especially in Gurugram) has always been a PIA for our boss women. They come from across the country to the millennial city to shatter glass ceilings, carve out there niche and be leaders of tomorrow. But isn’t it unfair that in this dynamic vision what possibly cuts their wings is something as quintessential as security & unsavoury living conditions?


You can’t bring your boyfriend or girlfriend over; she parties a lot hence her character is doubtable; she comes back home late at night, wonder what she does etc etc. Say aye if you have faced this denunciation time & again making you feel stuck in the victorian era.


Let’s see how deep seated the problem can be – Is Gurugram safe for women? This question was asked on Quora and the 43 people who reverted on it had quite a grim picture to paint. Some of the answers go back to 2016 but the alarming factor is that you can still relate to it. Here’s another sordid documentation done by indiatimes wherein 11 women relate their story & experiences of living alone in Gurugram. You know what the scary part is? Just a Google search on keywords like safety, security & women in Gurugram will direct you to numerous articles  that shows how alarming the problem is.


Our intention here is to not paint a grim picture and scare off our boss women. What we want to do instead is drive home the fact that you don’t need to live like this. You don’t need to be worried about curfew timings, returning home late from work, having your partners or friends over. You are sass queens and you need to own the world with your own rules.


Hence, rolling up our sleeves and taking the bull by the horn, we have gone ahead and created a space for you – Flock Coliving – where you get to call the shots. Sounds too good to be true? Guess what, we are not faffing!


No Man’s Land

Apart from common living spaces for men & women, we have actually gone ahead & dedicated an entire floor exclusively for women. Here entry is strictly controlled by three tier-security: biometric systems, cctvs and round-the-clock security personnel. There is no one who will enter this floor without your permission.


Safety Is No Child’s Play

We are all things fun but we don’t kid about security. With solid round-the-clock security personnel, cctv cameras around the campus and biometric admissions, you cannot not have a sound sleep when you live with us.


We are Humane

How can you trust us? Because our co-founder is a woman herself and she brings her empathy to the brand. Khushboo, our COO, hails from Delhi and nothing better could make her conscious of how dire the situation is for women here. She has seen her closest friends struggle with what you do –  finding a ‘decent’ place to live. She has seen them grapple with security concerns, loneliness & absence of basic amenities such as electricity, water or social community. Hence, Khushboo understands what a millennial woman challenges against and she is ready to turn the tables.


Listen Up! Our Values

Unabashed: We are dreamers who don’t shy away from aiming big and will relentlessly hustle to give you the time of your lives. Hence, giving you a home, customised accordingly to your likes and one that you will absolutely love is our holy grail. Yours faithfully: Arrogant, patronising, aloof, stuck ups – these are not the words that exist in our dictionary. We are always listening, learning and evolving so that we deliver you nothing but the best. Fair & square: Judgemental, no never heard of a word of the like! We do not believe in status quo; race, creed, gender, class – we do no bias on the basis of what society considers to be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. We respect our women and their choice to lead their lives whatever the hell way they want.

Feel The Class

As working professionals, we understand how important it is for our hustlers to get the best of amenities & stress-free living will never be complete if not braced with a skilled entourage. With dedicated concierge facilities from an extremely adept staff with rock-solid experience in the hospitality industry, our mantra is to let you relax and we handle all your dirty work! Well, there is more: complimentary breakfast (for  sorting out your daily food hassles), housekeeping, laundry, 24*7 security, water & electricity, restaurant, cafe, communal kitchens, gym, theatre, guest rooms, gaming arcade, travel desk, battle-tested wifi and an opportunity to hustle with like-minded community through numerous events & workshops.


At A Steal

Living queen’s size doesn’t really mean that you need to burn a hole in your pocket! We offer unmatched affordability! When we strive for providing you awe-inspiring homes, we also keep in mind, that at the end of the day, we want you to enjoy it without pinching your budget.  


So, here’s what we are saying, while you are looking for the bare minimum, do give it a thought if you’re missing out on the most essential things required to build a good life; a space that helps you unleash your true potential and yet gives you the comfort of home.


Hit us below for any queries about facilities or pricing or simply explore our website.