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5 Games That Will Completely Enthral You
  • 2019-06-17

Summer vacations and a bunch of your close pals hovering over an intense game of monopoly. Do you remember this scene from your childhood? Well, some of us fondly do. That was a time when we took our games quite seriously and waged battles even over scrabble.


Now, where do we stand as adults? Of course we don’t have the leisure to indulge in these indoor passions at our whim but how about taking out some time to relive some memories.


“Board games have made such a huge comeback; spending an evening together with close friends is now a deliberate choice, and as such, it deserves to be spent doing something that is equally fun, competitive, and intellectually demanding.” improb.com


So, here are some of our top picks that will intrigue every adult’s grey cells:

Cards Against Humanity: Known as the ‘party game for horrible people’, Cards Against Humanity, is a great chance to indulge your inner Dr. House.

Secret Hitler: Set in 1930s Germany, this short game combines hidden factions, tongue-in-cheek instructions, and a traitor mechanic. It was launched on Kickstarter in 2008 with several modern-day allegories.

Codenames: Created by game designer Vlaada Chvátil, this is a super successful Euro-style board game that requires you to locate the opposing team’s secret agents using part-charade and part-Mad Libs.

Exploding Kittens: This is a quick and fun game that combines kittens and the chance to shame your friend by having something (metaphorically) explode in their faces.

Chronology: A trivia game, Chronology requires knowing a very little history and hinges on common sense and a few well-placed deceptive tactics.

So, are you ready for a shopping spree?