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Combating The Loneliness Epidemic
  • 2019-05-27

You are in a metropolitan city; crazy work hours; life passing with alacrity; and as you return home late at night, alone in your apartment, you feel a weight in your heart, a pang of loneliness, not having any other person to interact with, have a meaningful conversation with. And before you know it you are waking up the next day ready to hit work.


“Lack of social interaction can give rise to a sense of despair for any individual. This then leads to depression. Loneliness can lead to psychosis, but that is rare. Depression is its most common expression,” Huffpost India


Loneliness epidemic is not a text terminology. It’s very much a real phenomenon that a lot of people especially the working millennial population grapples with. Few basic reasons being that they live away from family, the warmth of home and it’s not always possible to have your best pals work in the same city & live with you.


So, how should you handle this scenario?


Coliving is the future of community living that at its core addresses loneliness. It’s about community building & not just a couple of strangers living in a serviced apartment. There are plenty of facilities & events in place that will allow you to do so.


You can hit the gaming arcade after work to play a game or two with a fellow resident; you can call your buddies to enjoy a cup of java at the in-house cafe; or even find your gym mate while working out within campus. Coliving spaces host a lot of events that promote cohesive living: latte art classes, zumba sessions, coloring workshops, influencer meet-ups etc.  


Humans are social animals at the end of the day. Simple things such as living at a vibrant place, striking up conversations, playing, exercising or watching a movie together can make us happy. You get a chance to bond, to forge meaningful relationships and most importantly, to be happy from within.