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Difference Between Coliving PG And Hostels
  • 2022-02-25

PG accommodation (PG), hostel accommodation, and coliving in gurgaon are the considerably cost-friendly choices for those looking to stay extended than a few nights. But, the three exist for various objectives and thus have different systems and setups from one another.
Today, I’ll summarize in detail the difference between PG, hostels and coliving spaces, compare the benefits and drawbacks of each and help you to determine which option is best for you.


PG Accommodations

Paying guest accommodation is the ability for a guest to rent a portion of a house from the owner or landlord. The owner will live in the house with you and provide you with basic amenities, such as food, laundry and utilities, for a fee.
You are opting for a private, home-style rental agreement without actually taking on the responsibilities of a homeowner or leaser. You are not renting an entire space, but rather simply a room within a larger shared unit. The owner is responsible for paying the bills and you do not need to manage anything besides your monthly fee.
Coliving Pg Gurgaon great for students who prefer not to or don’t have access to live in dorms but are not yet ready to commit to a full-scale lease. It can also provide respite for professionals moving temporarily for work.



Hostels are dorm-style, shared rooms that have multiple beds in each room as well as shared bathrooms. Hostels share some similarities to hotels in that they have a reception area, often a dining area, a cooking area, cleaning services, WiFi and laundry. However, the amenities and level of service are significantly less than what hotels have on offer.
Unlike hotels, though, hostels do not have maid services, room service, spas, gyms, restaurants or business centers. They do, however, often have shared spaces akin to dorms where people can gather in front of a TV to play video games, sit together and play board games, strum a guitar or play a game of pool, for example.
Hostels are best suited for travelers who are looking for short-term, cheap accommodation and do not mind sharing their space and facilities.



Coliving spaces are operated by businesses who rent out entire apartments or homes to coliving residents. The residents are provided with fully furnished, affordable coliving accommodation in gurgaon within a like-minded, vetted community.
Only One time bill per month gives residents enjoy access to free WiFi, streaming services, community events, a fully stocked kitchen, laundry services, basic amenities such as soap, toilet paper and perishables, a gym, spa, pool, and coworking space, and unparalleled networking opportunities.
Coliving accomodation in gurgaon offer the perfect alternative to a traditional lease as they feel like a home, rather than a hotel, and their community-hosted events are a fabulous way to combat loneliness and make connections in a new city.
coliving spaces offer both private and shared rooms and give you access to unique opportunities, such as a pool or a coworking space within your house or building, bundled into one fixed fee
An inspiring community of people with different backgrounds from all over the world that share similar community-minded values, Business networking opportunities that entrepreneurs or young professionals.
If you do decide to go the coliving route, Flock Coliving is the world’s largest verified coliving platform. We provide coliving accomodation in gurgaon .We make it easy for you to search for your ideal coliving space in Gurgaon in the city of your dreams. You can filter by cost, location, amenities, perks and more.