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Step By Step Guide To Be A Model Roommate
  • 2019-05-20

Yes, they do exist! The ideal, non-fussy, shoulder-to-cry-on and mother-in-disguise roommates. No, we aren’t exaggerating. So what if you or anybody you know hasn’t still climbed the pedestal of perfection yet! We are here to help you and your friends in need.

Just follow the following absolutely vanilla step-by-step guide to becoming someone’s apple of the eye aka the perfect roommate.


Hear Hear

Yep, that’s the first skill you want to incorporate. One of the basic tenets of being a good roomie is to be a good listener and to be a person one can easily communicate with. As choctawk says, “Communication is the key to a good relationship and also a roomieship. For roommates it looks like this: telling your roommate (and yourself) your expectations of how the room should operate, telling each other your schedules, talking about what upsets you, apologizing when you mess up, and getting everything out in the open instead of passively expecting your roommate to ‘get it’.”


Not So Frigid

Yes, stop being that! A very important thing one needs to learn while living with another person is to stop being such a pain in the… well, you know where! Flexibility and adaptability is the key. Stop marking your territory especially in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, well everywhere. Learn to share your food, loan that book you love and make some space for your roomie’s plants when they are traveling. Such care & consideration will automatically earn you some extra bonus points which you are sure to encash when the time comes. Also, just imagine the harmony you swing by!


Give Space

Chuiwen Ang went ahead to write a complete essay on the qualities of an ideal roommate! So here we go, “An ideal roommate should respect each other’s privacy and personal space. First and foremost, he or she needs to respect each other. Everyone has their privacy. Not all things can be shared with each other. If our roommate won’t let us know about what’s bothering them, then just let them be.”


Swear By Marie Kondo

Buy the book and gulp it! One of the basic etiquettes you can persevere towards is to not make your co-living space a pigsty. I am sure nobody likes to come back to that, especially your roommate. Trust us, it really ain’t so hard. Start by keeping the clean dishes at the right place, picking up clothes from the washing machine, not leaving mug stains everywhere, how about that coaster you bought for yourself? These are a couple of such teeny tiny steps that if you could master, you have won half the battle.


Phone Etiquette

Yes, that’s actually a practice and you should learn to abide by it. This is probably one of the major reasons that fights and disruptions can happen according to more.com. So, the next time you get a call, lower your voice and step out; don’t spend hours chatting on the phone as your partner sleeps, reads or does anything of importance in your room or even adjacent to it.


Well, to sum it up, there are millions of good mannerisms you can learn but at the end of the day just remember to be human and treat your roommate the same.

Got more pro tips? Hit us up below!