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Swing In The Healthy Happy Happening
  • 2019-05-13

How we equate healthy & happy is dynamically changing in modern times. For starters, these terminologies are not divorced anymore and has a new add on- happening. The three verbs swing in cohort with each other to give us each a life we envision and aspire to reach.

So, what are the most pragmatic steps to adopt in order to make this a reality? Well, it’s actually very simple to preach but the challenge comes in practice. But guess what, it’s just a matter of awareness and inculcating the habit.


Be Bedtime Pro

Perhaps the most understated habit has the most advantage. Huffpost maps out the most salient features of this easiest but most difficult habit to adopt, “Sleep is considered the third pillar of health, and for good reason. Research is only making it increasingly clear that not getting enough of the stuff can have serious health effects. Meanwhile, getting enough sleep is good for everything ranging from weight, to mood, to even the immune system. One of the simplest things you can do to ensure you get enough sleep each night is to set a bedtime. Forgive yourself if you can’t meet it every night, but make a point to try to stick to it.”


Say No To Sugar

Sugar is the biggest enemy of your life. Don’t believe us, hear what Amanda L. Chan, Managing Editor, Healthy Living has to say, “I used to be a dessert fiend. Cupcakes, ice cream, brownies, if you put it in front of me, I would most definitely eat it. And growing up, I drank some sort of juice at every single meal. But the more I learned about how too much sugar affects the body — and how it manages to sneak into all the non-dessert-like foods I eat, the more I realized I had to wean myself off the sweet stuff. So I started small. Instead of dumping sugar into coffee, I slowly trained myself to go milk-only. Instead of drinking juice and soda with meals, I opt for water. I don’t buy cakes or cookies from the store, so I’m not tempted to eat them at 10 p.m. when I’m in my apartment. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still indulge in a slice of birthday cake or some ice cream. But those are treats, and I’ve realized that treats are not meant to be eaten all day every day.”


Stop Comparing

Just relax and let your body & mind also relax. Comparing with others has never led anybody to success, in fact, it brings across a hoard of anxiety. LiveHappy quotes this as a basic understanding that we as humans need to inculcate in our lives, “A great way to feel healthy is to stay in tune with your body and its needs. When we compare ourselves to others, we focus our time and energy on trying to be something that our body and mind might not actually want us to be. As we compare ourselves to others we are giving ourselves a very unrealistic and skewed perception of reality. This can decrease confidence and even lead to depressive symptoms. Instead, work on becoming more self-aware. Reflect on your values, your goals, your current life situation and begin creating a realistic plan to get you where you are trying to go.”


The Sunday Alarm

Yes, you heard it right! Given our hectic schedules we are never really able to map out our fitness schedules for the week and go on drifting away from one meeting to another and one task to another. Hence, MindBodyGreen gives a piece of effective advice to plan the week on Sunday itself. So, if you have those fitness goals in mind, go ahead and fix up the alarms.


Stop Being So Serious

Totally half the problems arise from here. If you fret about each and everything in life – from why my cab is taking so much time to arrive to how will I meet my yearly targets, you are really not living life rather just drifting away. As TinyBuddha says, “Hold yourself with a light hand. Laugh at your follies with amusement. When things get tough or stress arises, know that it’s never as big or life devastating as your mind thinks. Happy people trust that whatever glitch happens will work itself out.”


See, there are a million good habits you can adopt. Some are teeny and some not so, but at the end of the day it’s your mental health that matters the most. If you are sorted there, trust us, you can meet every target and rule the world, happily!

Got more amazing anecdotes to share? Do ping us in the comments box below.