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The Rise Of The Uber Healthy
  • 2019-04-08

How Millennials Are becoming Fitter As Community & Tech Evolves

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In the absolute recent few years, let’s say the last two, we have seen quite a paradigm shift in how millennials are evolving. Nuclear being the fad is eroding right in front of our eyes and ‘community’ is quite the ‘in thing’! Don’t believe us? Look around you. How many coworking, coliving and community fitness programmes are being launched or coming up right across your street?


No, the community fitness programmes  are not just your regular gyms that we are used to seeing springing up like mushrooms here and there. The communication & branding has completely changed. The focus is not just on getting fit but striving to be healthier as a community. And tech is playing the role of an extended unit to make this a reality.


Millennials these days are striving to embrace creativity, bonding and new ideas. It’s a shared existence where we, one another, help each other grow and achieve newer heights of potential. Let’s just look at this stat from mbg movement:

“Whereas once young adults turned to happy hour cocktails to bond with their buds, these days, the under-35 set is strengthening their relationships while they strengthen their cores. Exercising together as a form of community-building and socializing has become a part of millennial culture. One survey found that only 24 percent of millennials drink alcohol at least once a week, while 76 percent of them exercise at least once a week—a higher percentage than the two generations before them. Millennials’ appreciation for community and for wellness have created a whole new fitness culture, one that keeps expanding.”

The Rise of the Fitness Class

Working out is no longer reserved for the ones who are ‘seriously’ into it. Today, with the evolution of new workout regimes: crossfit, kickboxing, HRX, S&C, Prowl and Aerial Yoga – health enthusiasts across the world are at it to give every millennial something avant garde, something that challenges their interest as well as minds. This global phenomenon has world’s best curators pushing the boundaries of inventing new fitness modules that didn’t perhaps exist last year!


The Rise of the Workout Gang

Psychotherapist Nathalie C. Theodore says, “The fact that millennials have found a way to incorporate fitness into their social lives is key, as studies show that people are less likely to stick with a fitness routine if it means sacrificing quality time with friends and family.” Hence, working as a part of community is what triggers millennials’ fitness goals these days. It also provides ample ground for socialising and an exchange of thoughts & ideas.


The Rise of the Health Gourmet

When you open Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, EatFit or any other popular food delivery app, you will find a curated filter saying ‘healthy’. Do you know what this means? Did it evolve just over night? When a million dollar company decides to add a new category to their app, it’s a well thought out and intensely researched addition to their investment. Salad Story, Salad Days, Twigly and numerous others food outlets cater to an uber conscious crowd nowadays striving to stay fit as a fiddle.


The Rise of the Health App

Being spoilt for choice is literally being given a new meaning with how billion dollar investment workout units are functioning through tech. Take the example of Bengaluru based CultFit. This company provides you an opportunity to choose from a plethora of classes from the comfort of your home through an app installed in your phone. You just need to book a class and arrive at the allotted time. Somewhere, they have been motivated to save resources and respect their member’s time.


Henceforth, what we can mutually conclude is that the whole trend on how we exercise these days is undergoing change and in order to understand this, perhaps, if you haven’t already, need to dig into the fad.


If you have any other pro tips about staying fit or opinion about community workouts, feel free to hit us up below.