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Why Coliving Is The New Future
  • 2019-04-05

An analysis of the recurrent downside of traditional rentals in Gurugram

3 minute read

Coliving space in Gurgaon- Let’s start with quite a simple questionnaire: as a working professional in Gurugram, how many times have you struggled with one or more of the following issues regarding your accommodation? hefty brokerage; lock-in periods; really far from the workplace; security hassles; no water or electricity; and the worst of them all—no freedom to call your girlfriend, boyfriend, partners, friends, or even family as and when you wish.

Isn’t it too little to expect from a place you've got to spend some part of your life in?


While millennials are looking for the bare minimum, they often miss out on a lot of things required to build a good life, such as a space that helps them unleash their true potential and yet gives them the comfort of home. Here’s an interesting analysis by Lonely Planet wherein people Coliving Flats in Gurugram expressed their struggles.


Most often, these go-getters come from every nook and corner of the country to build a life in the millennium city, but 90% of the time they lose the battle of finding a decent place to live. And wherever they do wind up living begrudgingly, they only come back to their space to sleep, sometimes working long hours in the office because they have nothing to do or look forward to when they return.


Humans are social animals at the end of the day, and as they struggle to fit in the culture of a new city and a new workplace, making friends and meaningful relationships usually takes time. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, right? We don’t always need to go finding friendships on the phone or spend time watching online content or scrolling through social media till we are knocked asleep.


The growing dim landscape of unreasonable rentals & equally horrendous living conditions has actually triggered a paradigm shift in the way we live. It’s finally the advent of coliving spaces and Flock has been thoughtfully curated as a part of this vision. Coliving in gurgaon is a space that lets you integrate your life and work through flexible living arrangements, engage with a community on your terms, and enjoy a beautiful home at a steal.


The Sense Of Community

As our lives fly by alarmingly with alacrity, a strong sense of loneliness dawns amongst people. Many people get stuck behind their computers for hours on end and lose the sense of importance that comes with actual human connection and finding like-minded people who “get it”. Here at Flock Coliving, the effort is to break through this barrier. The sense of community—family even—that many people find while staying with Flock is an effort to give people their own tribe—one that helps them grow, hustle, and be happy from within.

The Humane Touch

Flock Coliving is not just a living space but homes for people to live, work, and play; homes that are designed to unlock a new lifestyle for the curious and ambitious. They are passionate about creating good communities, understanding their needs, sprinkling warmth, embracing a hassle-free existence, and thereby curating affordable living experiences.


At A Steal

Living in a decent place with best-in-class amenities doesn’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket. Coliving PG Gurgaon comes with unmatched affordability! When they strive to provide you with awe-inspiring homes, they also keep in mind that, at the end of the day, you don’t constantly deep-dive into financial worries.


Beauty Bespoke

The serenity of being at home ultimately hinges on how comfortable you are in your space. With  tastefully designed spaces and artful decor, Flock Coliving aspires to provide you with homes that instill happiness and pride. They have gone the extra mile to put together a spacious, four-story, 110-room property. The furniture and the entire place has been tastefully done to match the sensibilities of a young and ambitious urban crowd.


Hassle-Free Existence

Flock Coliving in Gurugram provides you everything that you need to feel at home and also be productive the moment you arrive. Bolstered by state-of-the-art amenities—complimentary breakfast (for  sorting out your daily food hassles), concierge, housekeeping, laundry, 24*7 security, water & electricity, restaurant, cafe, communal kitchens, gym, theater, guest rooms, gaming arcade, travel desk, battle-tested wifi and an opportunity to hustle with like-minded community through numerous events and workshops—you can avail yourself of a living experience that you truly deserve.


Locale Speaks

Located at the hub of major corporations, hospitals, and attractions, Flock Coliving is at the heart of Gurugram – less than 30 mins from Indira Gandhi International Airport and Gurugram Railway Station. Shalimar Huda City Center Metro Station is 5 minutes away. Hospitals like Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Medanta Medicity, and Artemis are within a radius of less than 10 minutes. Offices like Google, HT Media Limited, Indigo and Unitech Cyber Park also lie at a stone’s throw of 10 minutes.  To top it off, attractions such as DLF Cyber City, DLF Cyberhub, Kingdom of Dreams, Galleria Market, Cross Point Mall and Leisure Valley Park are within the vicinity, less than 20 minutes away.


We are a fearless generation at the end of the day; creative, collaborative, and thought leaders for the future and Flock’s founders, Ashwini & Khushboo, didn’t want us to forget that. So, they have built this beautiful space that provides you an opportunity to find your tribe, to make moving into a new city fun, exciting and not so stressful, but most importantly give you a home where you live with dignity.